Who's Who in Logistics Guide

Welcome to our online version of Who's Who in Logistics. This website is continually updated to provide you with the latest 3PL information. Our printed guides have grown to become a true encyclopedia of contract logistics services and we see this as a natural evolution.

Each profile includes Overall Capability, Provider’s Strengths and Provider’s Weaknesses. In 2007, we added the designation Tier 1 Global Supply Chain Manager for over 20 major 3PLs. These companies all have extensive IT capabilities, over 5,000 employees and provide service to 90% or more of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These inclusions allow us to better give you our frank appraisals of 3PLs. This year we added significant summary reports and data mining tools which should be useful in 3PL evaluations and for snapshots of the overall 3PL market and its leaders.

Outsourcing to logistics service providers continues to grow. Globalization and complexity increase the need for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to find partners with complex, value-added logistics services.

We hope you find the online version of our guide a straightforward and useful research tool.


Richard D. Armstrong

Evan P. Armstrong
Associate Editor